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Building A Trellis Tunnel And Raised Garden Bed Combination

You are going to love this trellis and raised garden box combo from Weed ‘Em And reap. I adore it! 2-in-1 DIYs are the best! They save time, energy, money, and so much more. And this one saves another thing…space. It’s a perfect solution for those short on space but still wanting to garden. You can’t do this on an apartment balcony, it’s not that small! But it’s awesome for small yards.

This DIY is 57 inches wide x 8ft 2 inches long x 6ft 4 inches tall but those dimensions can be modified to fit your needs. The arch itself is 6 ft 4 inches tall and we the opening is 32 inches across. I have a few garden boxes already (one of last years projects) but I don’t have any trellises. I could modify this a bit to make a tunnel leading up the sidewalk

Get the DIY tutorial here…

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