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15 Unexpected Uses For Shoe Caddies To Organize Your Life

I’ve always found I’m most happy and relaxed when things are organized. Mess and clutter totally stress me out, and I can’t help myself when it comes to jumping in and cleaning something in order to avoid going completely crazy! Because I’m a huge fan of neat and tidy spaces, it’s no surprise that I absolutely love cleaning and organizational hacks. If I come across a tip that’s going to make my life a bit easier, then I’m all over it!

One of the best ideas I’ve come across recently is finding alternative uses for shoe caddies. While they work perfectly fine as a way to store and organize your favorite pumps, the number of other ways they can be used is astounding! Whether you need an affordable way to store school supplies or are simply searching for an easy and kid-friendly solution for organizing the thousands of Lego pieces your child owns, a shoe caddy may be exactly what you need for your home.

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