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How to Transform An IKEA Table Into A LEGO Table

Is there any kid who doesn’t like to play with Lego? Ever since Lego began manufacturing their interlocking toy bricks in 1949, Lego has become part of our life. These amazing little bricks allow kids and adults to build anything with their creativity and imagination, from buildings, vehicles to even working robots.

If you have a huge Lego fan at home, he/she probably owns a large collection of Lego. While it’s so much fun to play and build things with Lego, it’s also painful to clean up the mess of Lego blocks scattering around your floor. Storage is also a problem as he/she gets more and more Legos. A Lego table would be a perfect solution. I am excited to feature this great step by step tutorial on how to transform an IKEA table into a Lego table. This incredible Lego table is easy to build and will keep all your kids’ Lego neat and organized. It will be your kids’ ultimate play area for Lego and make their Lego building experience more fun!


Please head over to the blog of A Little Of This A Little Of That for the step by step tutorial. Here’s the link…

DIY Lego Table Tutorial

The following is another easy DIY project to build a Lego table for kids.


Click for DIY Easy Lego Table for Kids

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