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15 Christmas Light Decorations

Making the home ready for Christmas might take a lot of effort from your part. Decorating the exterior as well as each room of your residence with something more appropriate for the holiday will require some work and attention to every detail. There is a part of the whole process we can help you with. We have 16 ideas of how to make or set up some really inventive Christmas light decorations. From an easy use of some ping pong balls in order to transform your regular LED lights into a Christmas theme decorations, to the more intricate projects like marquee letters. Try and repurpose the colorful cupcake liners into lovely flowers, perfect for combining it with the Christmas lights. Or make a terrarium with snow globes and miniature dolls and fake snow. They will look so impressive in your living! A firefly lamp may cause some heads turning, especially if placed in the perfect position over some books or next to a plant. Choose the DIY project you like the best in order to have an inventive Christmas light decor this year.

15 Creative Christmas Light Decorations – Daily Ideas

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