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Keep Your Cat Safe With It’s Own ‘Catio’ DIYPets

You probably know your cat is in danger from other animals, cars, disease, and people. But did you know your cat can be a danger to other animals? They are an animal after all. I’m not just talking small mammals like mice and rats. Cats kill approximately 1 billion songbirds every year. Yes, billion with a B. (Those are the good birds.) If you have noticed a decided dearth of birds in your backyard, your cat may be to blame. Here is an ingenious way to keep your cat safe and those nice birds too.

Check out the catio. Catios, are backyard enclosed patios for cats, are able to keep your cat safe from cars, dogs, owls, hawks, and other people. Yes there are many predators out there waiting to prey upon your little Puss in Boots. My cat is content in the house. But not all cats want to stay indoors. This may be a solution for those who are not. You can make your own and share pictures in the comments. I am curious as to what features your cat would love.

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