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Creative Storage Hacks For an Organized Home

Organizing and tidying up our home is not an easy task, especially when we have limited room space. But with some ingenious organization tips, we can organize wisely and our life will be a lot easier. Here are some creative and awesome home storage hacks to help you save space and have a neat and organized home. From the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom to the garage, there are storage ideas to help you get things in order: use egg carton to organize your drawers, place a tension shower rod under the sink to store cleaning products, make overhead storage bins in the garage…You can never have too many organization tips! Put some of these creative ideas into practice and you’ll be surprised how helpful they are!

Use Towel Bars to Store Pot Lid inside Pantry Door


Tutorial via Martha Stewart

Use Tension Rod to Hang Spray Bottles Off and Keep Your Space Under the Sink Organized


Tutorial via A Thousand Words

Use Egg Crate as a Drawer Organizer to Store Small Items


Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

Make a Cell Phone Charging Holder from Lotion Bottle


Tutorial via  Make It & Love It

Use Bamboo Skewers to Make a Safe Kitchen Knife Storage


Tutorial via Another Bright Idea

Build a Multi-layered Food Storage Shelf


Tutorial via Ana White

DIY Customized and Affordable Shelving in Laundry Room

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