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Effective Home Remedies to Soothe Sore Eyes

Are you suffering from sore eyes from time to time? Don’t worry. It’s a very common eye infection that affect people of all ages. Sore eyes are mostly caused by over-use, or eye strain. Now we tend to spend hours looking at our computers or TV without taking a rest. This can really make our eyes tired and sore. In worse case, our eyes will be infected and look reddish or pinkish. Although we can rely on some medicine or ointment to relieve the symptoms, there are other home remedies to sooth sore eyes that are natural yet effective.

I’ve found a great article from wikiHow on how to sooth sore eyes. The above image shows one of methods to relieve eye strains: Use herbal teabag compresses. Tea may contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help relieve infection. Just put a moist herbal teabag on the affected eye for several minutes. Repeat several times if necessary. Please head over to wikiHow for more details.

wikiHow – How to Sooth Sore Eyes

You may also watch the following video to learn more home remedies for sore eyes.

(video via StyleCraze)

One Good Thing by Jillee also has a great roundup of 18 home remedies for soothing irritated eyes. If you are interested, you can view it here. I hope that these home remedies will be helpful for you and you know what to do when you have sore eyes. Most important of all, give your eyes some rest!

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