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How To Grow Rose Cuttings In Potatoes

Rose is one of my favorite flowers. If you love roses too, maybe you’ll want to grow your own roses. It may be difficult to start rose planting from seeds, but it is easy to propagate roses by cutting. And here is a simple but brilliant gardening tip to make your rose cuttings more successful.

The secret is using potatoes! Potatoes are not just for cooking. They are also very useful in gardening. Potatoes are the perfect environment for propagating roses. They provide the adequate nutrients and moisture for  the rose cuttings to develop healthy root systems and eventually the roses grow up stronger. In this tutorial, YouTube channel Crafting with Fate is going to show the step by step on how to grow rose cuttings in potatoes. Simply cut a few healthy stems, stab them in potatoes, and then bury them in soil. This project is easy to do for even the beginners in gardening and it is a simple way to grow extra rose plants without spending much money. Follow the video and get more details. Enjoy!

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source: Crafting with Fate

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