DIY Easy Emergency Spare Key

If you need to make a spare key for your house or storage locker, and you want to save the trip to Walmart or hardware stores, then this little trick will come in handy. In the video below, DaveHax demonstrates us a fast and very cheap way to make an emergency spare key using only household items. All you need is a pair of scissors, a tin can, a lighter and Scotch tapes. Start by holding the original key over a lighter until it has a black coating and allowing it to cool. Then press down the key on a piece of Scotch tape to make a print. Stick the tape with the print onto the lid of a tin can. Finally cut out the key template using a sharp pair of scissors. That’s it! The duplicate key will perfectly match the original. Pretty simple, right? It’s so easy that you can make several copies of the key. Make sure you use pliers and safety gloves to keep safe when you are doing this. Follow the video and learn the steps.

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