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Cordwood Log Cabins

Wooden cabins are really great, especially for spending your holiday. If you would like to build yourself such a cabin in order to have your own island of relaxation, then you should consider making some small changes in the basic wooden cabin structure. We are thinking about building the walls of the cabin out of stone. You can of course create just one stone wall, but 4 such walls should offer you a much stable structure. Also stone is a more resistant material than wood and your house would stay intact for a longer period. There are many ways in which you can make this dream come true and many beautiful designs for stone walled wooden cabins. Just take a look at the selection of pictures you will find here and choose the ones you like the most. After that you can start building your own small vacation home or ask some help from professional, providing them some inspirational material.

Cordwood Construction Best Practices by Richard Flatau (Richard Flatau built his mortgage-free cordwood home over thirty years ago in the woods of northern Wisconsin.)

Cordwood Log Cabins

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