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Outdoor Hot Tub Ideas: Dutchtub

Innovation is all around us, even in a department where we commonly think all has been thought of already, like the bathe and lounging domain. Maybe a premiere revelation to some viewers, the Dutch Hot Tub has surprised an entire world with its design and awesome features. The utility of having an energy independent hot tub will marvel most of you. And make you want to buy it, even though you most probably don’t need it that badly. Made of stainless steal, the durable poly-fiber hull makes it perfect for outside use, regardless of the harsh weather conditions. Place it in your backyard or transport it with you on a weekend camping trip, either way it will be a stylish addition to your luggage. Weighing 150 pounds a couple of persons could easily transport it to any place you want to make your bubbly hot nest. The temperature is adjustable via the heating coils which can be spiraled up the burning fire, and so the heat is turned down. Thus, giving you a pleasant bath time in the giant coffee or tea cup looking hot tub!

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