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DIY Amazing Penny Table Top

Today not many people use coins because they are heavy to carry around. Most people would put their unwanted pennies in a jar or container at home and later cash them in the bank. But have you ever thought about other creative uses for all these pennies? In fact, you can use them for awesome decoration. And here’s a perfect example.

If you have an old table that you want to renovate, using pennies to cover the table top is a great way to spruce it up. In this tutorial, Shabby DIY demonstrates how to create an amazing penny table top using old pennies and a glaze coat. It did take a lot of elbow grease and patience to do this, especially the step to arrange the pennies in your desired pattern. But the satisfaction you get from the stunning result is worth all the efforts. The best part? It takes 3500 pennies, literally only $35 for this project. It’s really an inexpensive way to get a piece of unique-looking furniture. Follow the video and watch the detailed instructions. Enjoy!

source: Shabby DIY

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