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How to Cut An Onion Easily Using A Hair Pick

Onion is such a super vegetable. It is rich in vitamin B and C, and is full of fiber, antioxidants and so on. But as awesome as it is, there is one thing about it that no one likes: It’s so painful to cut! Not only you’ll get teary eyes when you are slicing them, but it’s also difficult to chop when the layers fall apart. Luckily, there are always simple tips and tricks that will make our life easier. And all you need is just a hair pick!

In this tutorial, YouTuber DaveHax demonstrates a better way to cut an onion easily using a hair pick. It may sound weird at the beginning, but it really works. With this technique, you can make perfect onion rings for sandwiches or chop the onion easily. You can also use the hair pick to cut cucumbers, tomatoes and many other vegetables and fruits. I’ve never thought about using hair picks in this way. How amazing! Follow the video and learn all the details. Enjoy!

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