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DIY Tiny Bow on a Fork

As the holiday season is coming, you might have already been thinking about the gifts you are going to give to your family and friends. When we decorate a giftpackage or a handmade greeting card, we often need to tie a bow. Sometimes the ribbon bow is so small that it’s not easy to make it by hand. Luckily there is a simple solution to it and the secret is using a fork. In the video below, Handimania demonstrates how to make a perfect tiny bow just by using a fork. Isn’t that cool? You can also use method to make a regular sized bow. Just use a different size of fork. It’s so easy that you don’t have an excuse that you don’t know how to make a beautiful bow. Gift wrapping won’t be difficult anymore this holiday season. Let’s try it! Follow the video and learn all the steps. Enjoy!

Are you going to give this a try? Please share this easy trick to tie a tiny bow with your friends and family!

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