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Creative Ways To Fold Fancy Holiday Napkins

For a perfect table setting, in addition to having nice flatware and table linens, uniquely folded and decorated napkins are indispensable. They will give extra beauty to the table layout. There are many creative ways to make a unique napkin fold. Be sure to check out all the napkin folding ideas on our site via this LINK.

Since the holiday is coming up, you may want to look for more decoration ideas for your holiday party tables. In the video below, Grant Thompson demonstrates 9 creative ways to fold fancy holiday napkins. It is amazing that with some easy-to-follow steps, you can turn ordinary square cloth napkins into different kinds of wonderful shapes to complete your table setting. These creative napkin folds will definitely impress your party guests and make your holiday tables more attractive. The best part? You have 9 ways to do it! I can’t wait to try them all and start practicing. How about you? Follow the video and learn all these cool tricks.

(source: Grant Thompson – “The King of Random)

Which one is your favorite? Please share all these napkin folding techniques with your family and friends!

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