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5 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Boats At Home

DIY Old Boats

Are you crazy about fishing and passionate for the sea? So you must also love boats! In this post we are going to show you boats as you have never seen before: FURNITURE! Believe it or not, boats can be used in many different situations at home and, apart of useful, they also bring a maritime style that will bring back your fishing days and memoriesfrom sea. If you have an old and unusable boat at home take a look in the options you have to reuse it in a creative and charming way.

Boat Sofa

Due to their shape, boats can be easily transformed in sofas for both inside and outside areas. Perfect to decorate a beach house living room or even your garden they will give a rustic and nautical look to the area!

Boat Planters

If you are crazy for plants and need a big planter for your flowers and herbs, you can use an old boat for that! Fill it with good soil and plant anything you need in it!  this Your garden will be much more beautiful with this idea!

Boat Sandbox

Kids will love this idea! Use an old boat to make a place for them to play and let their imagination fly! Fill the boat with sand and create a sandbox! You can also put a beach umbrella to protect them from the sunand let them play all day!

Boat Coffee Table

Use the entire boat or part of it to create an amazing coffee table that will be the center of attention in your living-room. Place a piece of glass on top of the boat and use some nice pieces of decorations inside the boat and on top of the glass! It will look charming!

Boat Bookshelf

A perfect piece of decoration to any part of the house from bedroom to garden, boat bookshelves are very useful and beautiful! Add some extra shelves on them to keep objects as books and toys and save space at home!


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