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DIY Easy Air Freshener With A Clothespin

We all want our home to be neat and tidy. We also want it smell fresh and pleasant. Most people would buy the air fresheners in the stores. There are many types of air fresheners you can choose from, such as sprays, oils, candles and plug-ins. And here we are going to show you a simple and quick way to make your entire home smell fresh.

In the video below, The Heathered Nest demonstrates how to make your own air freshener with a clothespin. Just cover the wooden clothespin with your favorite essential oil and then attach it to the air vent in your house. When you turn on your HVAC system, the fragrance will circulate throughout the whole house. This trick is so easy that you may ask yourself “why didn’t I think of that”. This trick works in your car too. Just clip the scented clothespin to the AC vent of your car and in just 10 second, your car interior will be filled with your favorite scent. This method is for sure easy, quick and affordable. Check out the video and learn how to do it. Enjoy!

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