12 Weird Beauty Hacks That Actually Work!

These days, there are so many beauty hacks going around, but you will definitely want to add these weird hacks to your repertoire! The text may seem strange when you first see them, but they really work! I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the amazing ideas listed in this article at One of my favorites is a neat trick to help tame flyaways! Flyways can be so annoying, especially in cold weather! Simply rub a dryer sheet on your hair before styling and they should stay down! If you love the look of a long full lashes, and have been spending years putting on multiple coats of mascara, you can stop! With the addition of a dusting of baby powder between coats, you can get amazing lashes in just two coats! Most of us have a Pepto-Bismol in our house for when our time is still upset. What if I told you you could use it more often, even when you’re perfectly healthy? Using it on your face tightens the skin and gives your skin a beautiful glow! I tried it, and it really works! If you have ever used make up removers to get off your waterproof or smudge proof eyeliner, or matte lipstick, you know they can be harsh. And they’re a waste of money! You can just use some olive oil to get it right off without any chemicals! Want a natural way to whiten your teeth? Rob a strawberry on them before you brush! They help break up the stains and remove them! These are just a few of the weird beauty hacks that you will definitely want to add to your repertoire!

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