Hilarious Pinterest Beauty Fails

What is your biggest DIY failure? Please share so I can feel better about myself. Lol. This a judgement free zone. I’ve had some serious disasters, one of my worst ones being those Easter chick deviled eggs. I’ve had a few painting and repurposing mishaps too but so far I’ve been pretty lucky in the beauty department.

I feel so bad for these people but I just can’t help but laugh! Number 6 is why I get my eyebrows professionally dyed. One of the fails on here, rag curls, has worked for me but it was a long time ago. Numbers 1 and 14…I know that everything marbled is from the Devil! I tried that on Easter eggs once and stripped the finish off my table. (Geeze what is it with me and Easter?!) Lol. To all of you providing our entertainment, thanks for suffering so we can learn from your mistakes. I am eternally grateful. Just because fails are awesome – here are 34 more to make your day even better!

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