26 Things You Can Freeze to Save You Time and Money

When your favorite foods go on sale, it’s hard to not stock up on them. The only problem is that some of these foods will spoil if you can’t eat them fast enough. There’s an easy solution, you can freeze them. This will help to save money because it is not going to waste and it also will make cooking meals a whole lot easier. An article I came across on Diply will show you 26 foods that you can easily freeze.
You can easily freeze fruit by putting it spread out on a cookie sheet, and put it in the freezer. After the fruit is frozen you can transfer it from the cookie sheet into a freezer bag. The reason for freezing the fruit on a cookie sheet first is so the fruit does not become clumped up when you freeze it. You can keep mashed potatoes good for up to two months by freezing them. For the mashed potatoes you will use the same cookie sheet method that you used to freeze the fruit. Cheese can easily be frozen also. Just stick the bag right into the freezer. Be sure to thaw the cheese before you use it or it will become crumbly. Meal prep can be made easy by dicing up vegetables and popping them right into freezer bags. Made too many pancakes for breakfast? Just freeze them for next time.

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