DIY Shaving Cream Recipe

This DIY is good to know! It’s pretty nifty and thrifty. My favorite. It will give you the softest legs and from ingredients already in the cabinet. Lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and coconut oil (optional). I already use conditioner when I run out of shaving cream but this seems more hydrating and less wasteful. I’m gonna have to try this and compare it to straight conditioner!

One thing that I would change is the mason jar. It’s super chic and adorable but I’m such a klutz and don’t like the idea of glass in the shower. Even if it is super thick. I think a cute plastic soap dispenser would work just as well and then I could skip all of them screwing, plying, and pump mangling. Lol.

Looking for a hassle free and quick way to shave every morning? I highly recommend the Intuition razor from Schick. Because I’m biased, I found some online reviews. Let me know whay you think.

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