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DIY Hanging Jewelry Tree

Ladies, how many fashion jewelry accessories do you have? I am sure most of us have a lot of them: earrings, necklaces, bracelets… It’s just so easy to own a large collection. How do you usually store your fashion accessories? Jewelry boxes are good options and they are nice and beautiful both for storage and display. However, the accessories can easily get tangled and inconvenient to be taken out. The best way to store them is by hanging.

If you are looking for a nice and convenient place to store and display all your jewelry fashion accessories, YouTuber TheSorryGirls has a nature-inspired idea. In the video below, these ingenious DIY enthusiasts demonstrate how to make a hanging jewelry tree using ordinary tree branches, spray paint, fishing line and other simple materials. It is a stunning and space-saving way to store and show off all your favorite fashion accessories. You can hang this beautiful jewelry tree from the ceiling, on your wall, in your closet or wherever you want to save space. Check out the video and learn how to make one. Enjoy!

source: TheSorryGirls

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The following is another creative way to store all your jewelry fashion accessories: a DIY jewelry storage box disguised as a painting! Click the link below for more details.


How to Make a Creative DIY Jewelry Storage Box

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