DIY Fantastic Yarn Lampshades and Lanterns

She dips an entire spool of yarn into a bowl of glue. The end result? Fantastic! Are you tired of your old lampshades that are out dated now? Lighting project is one of my favorite things to DIY. You don’t have to be an expert in crafts nor spend much time or money to create a unique pendant lamp for your dining room, kitchen or bedroom. Dana from the Youtube channel MADE Everyday, has shown us a fun and creative DIY project to make fantastic lampshades and lanterns out of yarn. The project is pretty easy and all the material are inexpensive and easy to find at home. I’m sure my kids would love this too. You can customize the lampshades with your favorite yarn colors and shapes of the lampshades. As for the shape, instead of a ball, you can use balloons to create different shapes. With the same technique, you can use balloons to make an adorable yarn snowmana unique button bowla cute egg-shaped Easter basket and so on. You can check out lots of creative uses of balloon here.

Let’s grab some yarn and glue to make these fantastic yarn lampshades! They are cheap, fun and pretty to decorate your home. Enjoy the video!

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