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Creative Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide in the Household

When it comes to household cleaning, you might have already known some of the common household items which can be used as green cleaners, such as baking soda and vinegar. Did you know that hydrogen peroxide is also great for sanitizing and disinfecting your home?

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid that is slightly more viscous than water. It’s commonly used for healing small cuts and wounds on the skin. But because of its strong oxidation properties, it can be used in many ways as an disinfecting agent for the entire house. The video below shows you several of the creative uses of hydrogen peroxide in the household. For example, hydrogen peroxide is a great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial solution which you can use to get rid of the mold in the moist areas like under the kitchen sink. You can also use it to remove perspiration stains on your clothes. From household sanitizing to personal care, you will be surprised how versatile hydrogen peroxide is. Besides, it is very affordable: a large bottle only costs a few dollars. Follow the video and learn all the creative uses. Enjoy!

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