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A Wedding Cake One year In The Making. Finished!

What is your favorite thing about weddings? Seeing the bride walk down the aisle? The dress? The first dance? Or the cake? I love everything wedding but especially the cakes. What was your cake like? Mine was a petite three tiered masterpiece. I don’t remember all the details. I think that tier one was chocolate with a raspberry filling. Two was something with poppy seed. Three was vanilla maybe. There was buttercream and fondant all over the place too. Yum. My cake was great but it wasn’t seven tiered, ten feet tall, and adorned with thousands and thousands of flowers like this one from Complete Deelite.

I have never seen a cake like this one before. It was a year in the making. Can it still be good to eat after that long? I don’t know. Mine was made a few days before my wedding and put together the day of with fresh flowers. I’m not sure how one would go about moving something like this. Very carefully I’m guessing! Wedding cake toppers are hilarious and one of my all time favorite parts of weddings too. They are getting so creative.

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