22 DIY Tricks to Make Parenting a Little Easier

Rising up a child can be a tricky business. Raising up two children can sometimes feel like the mission impossible – my husband and I learned this the hard way while taking after our two kids. There were (and there still are) times when I felt so frustrated that I started questioning my sanity around the kids, especially because I thought I was the worst parent ever. Fortunately for me, my husband and every other parent on the planet, the Internet is filled with tips and tricks on parenting, which make a parent and a kid’s life easier. Here’s a selection of some awesome parenting tricks, which I found on When it comes to leaving messes all around the house, kids are masters of it. So, here are Mashable’s tips on how to clean after them. Crayon scribbles will vanish under the mighty power of WD-40. Instead of getting half a dozen dishes dirty when you order takeaway pizza, use the upper side of the box and tear it in several pieces. This way you won’t have to use dishes and clean up. Speaking of messes, running around the house is inevitable. Use some Velcro stickers to prevent your children from messing up the rugs and carpets by applying a sticker on the floor and on the backside of the carpet. Another useful parenting trick is to get out a bad splinter using water and baking soda. The mixture will make the splinter pop out of the kid’s skin in several minutes and you will be able to remove it easier. Last, but not least, you can make a special bracelet for your child using beads with numbers. It will come in handy if your kid gets lost in the park or the shop.

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