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17 Cleaning Gadgets That Will Do The Dirty Work For You

Most people aren’t fond of cleaning, and will be glad to know it can be made easier with these tools and gadgets! I like my home to be neat and tidy, but I sure would love an easier way to get it there. Spending all day straightening and scrubbing isn’t my idea of fun! But even people who like cleaning will love how easy it is with these gadgets and tools. I plan to incorporate almost all of these into my cleaning regimen. One of my most dreaded cleaning activities is washing silverware! I hate it! I can wash plates and bowls all day long, but silverware makes my eye twitch! I am definitely going to invest in the cutlery cleaner! A neat contraption that sticks to the sink wall, with bristles inside. All you have to do it pump the cutlery in and out a few times, and rinse! So easy! Get rid of your dustpan forever with the eyebot. Simply sweep your dust and debris towards it and let it suck everything in. No more tiny line of stuff that never actually gets swept up no matter what you do! That just might be the most exciting news I’ve ever heard! If you have shedders in your home, invest in this drain plug with an attachment that traps hair so it never clogs up your drain again! This is a super smart idea! This piece is full of wonderful tools and gadgets to make cleaning everything easier! The paint buddy saves your walls from being full of small marks that make it look shoddy! Load it with paint and easily cover up spots that can’t be cleaned easily! One of the coolest cleaning tools I’ve ever seen is a substance similar to silly putty that you place over your keyboard to get in between the keys and pull up any dirt or dust that is trapped in there! With Father’s Day just around the corner, the steam cleaner for the grill would make a great gift!

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