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16 Creative Uses For When Life Gives You Wine Barrels

If you are a fan of repurposing and DIY projects, you will love these creative and awesome uses for wine barrels. I’m not quite sure how one would acquire a wine barrel, but these ideas are pretty awesome! I would I’ve to have any of them in my home. I am always looking for ways to repurpose anything I can! I love to take something and turn it into something useful for myself or a loved one. It also keeps things out of landfills. I imagine if you made any of these amazing creations from a wine barrel, you would be the only one on your block with one! I like being unique, and these projects are perfect for that! I know I have always had a hard time finding beds that I like for my dogs. None that I’ve ever bought were sturdy enough. My pups will tear them up so easily. And I was just sick of spending money on them. This amazing dog bed made from a wine barrel is perfect! Fido can be nice and comfy and you don’t have to worry about replacing it every month. If you are underwhelmed by the selection of nightstands at your local furniture store, take matters into your own hands! A wine barrel can easily be converted into a bedside cabinet with plenty a room for anything you might need. A nice lamp on top and your room is complete! Make your next barbecue or outdoor dinner a little more classy with a wine barrel ice chest. It looks so much more elegant than a plastic cooler! And it’s easier to make than you might think! I’m amazed at all the creative and awesome uses for wine barrels!

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