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Turn Your Old Jeans Into A Garden Apron

Here is yet another great way to repurpose those old denim jeans. Turn them into a garden apron. Gardening is back breaking work and getting up and down a lot makes it even worse. That happens to me because I am constantly forgetting what I need. An apron like this would save me some time (and aches) because I would have everything in one place, the pockets.

Did you know that the average american owns at least seven pairs of jeans? I’m no exception. Many are waiting for my waist to shed a few pounds but there are a few crummy ones that could be repurposed. I love that this DIY is a no sew!

You don’t have to make your own apron if you don’t feel like it. There are some pretty great ones for sale. This one from Williams-Sonoma is pretty fabulous. It is also slightly spendy for something you will be wearing in the garden. There are other fun ones for as little as $10 so DIY or drive to the store, I know you’ll find something grand.

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