The Largest Artistic Water Mosaic by Artist Belo

Whenever we came across artwork that’s so stunning like this, we know we have to share it with you. Canadian artist Serge Belo came up with a creative idea: He created the world’s largest artistic water mosaic using 66,000 cups of rainwater and food coloring! His intention was to raise public awareness about the global clean water crisis.

This 3,600 square feet masterpiece involves 66,000 recycled paper cups, 15,000 liters of rainwater, 1 kg of vegetable based dye, more than 100 volunteers and 62 hours of work. The different shades of colored rainwater in the cups represent the levels of water pollution from all over the world. Watch the video and you will be amazed at the final full image, which shows a fetus in the womb emphasizing the importance of water for human beings even before birth. This work of art by artist Belo definitely conveys the powerful message to the public that clean water is very important and we need to conserve water!

(via Serge Belo)

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