How To Tell Which Egg Came From A Healthy Chicken

Eggs are nutritious and healthy and are always included in our daily meals. The more fresh the eggs are, the more delicious and nutritious they are. That’s why we always try to get the farm-fresh eggs rather than the store-bought ones. Some people even raise their own chickens to get the freshest eggs. If you have to go to the the supermarket to buy eggs, make sure to check the expiration dates on the egg cartons.

Are there really any difference between the farm-fresh eggs and the store bought ones? The egg yolk will tell you. It turns out that the egg yolk color is the perfect indicator of whether it came from a healthy chicken. In the video below, YouTuber bevyh1 compared free range chicken eggs to store bought ones and showed that the color of an egg’s yolk would look different based on where it came from. The color of the egg yolk from the free range chicken is darker and in deeper orange, whereas the store bought eggs have a yellowish yolk. The darker yolk indicates that it contains more nutrients and comes from a chicken that is healthier. Check out the video and learn all the details.

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