How to make sure your phone isn’t ruined after you’ve gotten it wet

You are having a fantastic time at a party. Dancing, having food, drinking cocktails and sodas to your hearts content. Suddenly someone decides it would be funny to throw you in the pool fully clothed, phone in pocket. Oh my goodness, it’s ruined now and you are so mad you could just spit nails! Or is it? There are a few home remedies that people swear would dry out your phone if you ever have the horrible misfortune of getting it wet. One trick I think everyone has heard of is to put the phone into a container of uncooked rice. Silica gel packs (the little packs that come in shoes) work better, but lacking a stockpile of those, rice will do. Some will suggest using a hairdryer but this is not advised as it could just move the moisture around and cause damaging steam. Hopefully after the appropriate amount of time in the rice, your phone will be back in working order. Meaning report that it’s never the same, and then get a new phone eventually anyway.

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