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Heartbeat Necklace For Your Valentine

Hello all Lovers :),

This is the time of year when our heart starts to work overtime and as a side affect to that the brain runs faster.. LOL. But tell me , isn’t it true? Finding a gift for that someone special, someone you love is not an easy task.

My experience tells me that hand-made valentine’s day gifts are loved and adored …well this is not a unique thing I said but my Idea was to emphasize on the fact that many of us wants to handmade things but only few can. Fortunately for those who want to make, Instructables is loaded with valentine’s day gift ideas, and today I am going to add one more to it.

It is a simple yet awesome necklace for your valentine and take my words, anyone can make it. An elegance of minimalistic design. I have tried my best to make the instructions as simple as possible. I believe even if you try to make this as your first wired jewelry, you will be glad to see the outcome.

All you need to do is to make it with all the love you have and everything will be just as you want :).

Someone so beautifully said about Valentine’s day :

“LOVE… spot it in the eyes of a child, in the smile of your sweetheart, in the cheering of yourfriends, in the blessings of your elders, love has as many forms and shapes as many as there are colors, love is in the air… feel it “

I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day in advance.

Lets begin.

Heartbeat Necklace For Your Valentine

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