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Glow in the Dark Log Campfire Stools

Do you remember those magical nights spent in camp around the fire? If you’re trying to recreate that amazing ambiance in your yard, the following DIY project will help you make something special. In order to complete a nice landscape suitable for spending magical nights you will need to prepare some of these really impressive glow in the dark stump stools! The process is quite simple and can be done over a couple of hours. You might have to put an exterior clear coat on the stumps so they stay sealed. Just imagine how your friends and yourself will all sit around the fire sharing stories and having a fun time.
Firstly, you carefully need to prepare the stools for painting and don’t forget to clean the dirt (if there is any). To do so, simply get an old cloth and wipe all the surface. Now it’s time to get creative and paint the stools. There are many options how to do so. You can either cover them entirely with the same colour, or to unleash your inner artist and draw different shapes/patterns all around. more details here…

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