Germaphobes Rejoice! 16 Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

Even if cleaning is the bane of your existence, you’ll love these cleaning tips that will make your home sparkle. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, cleaning is a necessary evil. It has to be done, so I make it my mission to find any tip or trick that I can to make it easier. This piece at is full of some of the best tips that will take your cleaning routine to the next level and help you be on your way to relaxing even faster! I bet you never in 1 million years thought that rice can be a helpful cleaning tool. But it can! Cleaning glassware with a narrow mouth is nearly impossible. Uncooked rice, a little dish soap and water can solve that problem forever! When your shower curtain gets Grammy and full of soap scum, don’t worry about buying a new one, just washed the old one! You can put it in the washing machine with white vinegar and a few towels and it will come out looking as good as new. Most people know that you’re not supposed to wash a cast-iron pan, but they don’t know what to do to get it clean. I sponges and coarse salt will get them in tiptop shape! Vinegar is one of the miracles of the cleaning world, one of the only things that can get that unsightly build up from the shower head. Other fantastic cleaning tips that you will learn include how to get that gunk that builds up on baking sheets, and how to deodorize your wooden cutting boards. You will also find out how to get a glass oven door sparkling clean! These are really something fantastic tips on how to get your home to sparkle!

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