DIY Stunning Autumn Lantern

I love Autumn not only because it’s a welcome break after the long, hot Summer, but also because it’s the season that’s full of colors! A perfect example would be the colorful Autumn foliage, such as maple leaves. If you are looking for craft inspirations to decorate for the season, it will be a good idea to bring the beauty of these gorgeous colorful fall leaves from outdoors to indoors.

Here is a wonderful fall inspired DIY project by makoccino to make an Autumn lantern. In this project, she decorated a marmalade jar with pretty leaves that she collected in the park and turned it into an Autumn lantern. It looks stunning and I love the decoupage effect on the lantern. It will make a great decor that will warm up any room in your home. It is also a wonderful craft to work with kids. They will have much fun collecting the leaves and decorating the jar. Follow the video tutorial below and learn how to make this stunning Autumn lantern. Happy fall crafting!

Is this something you are going to give it a try? Please share this awesome Fall craft with your friends and family!

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