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DIY Self-Feeding Fire That Can Burn For Over 14 Hours

Is there any kid who doesn’t like camping? Camping is one of the best outdoor activities for both kids and adults. You can get closer to the nature and enjoy its beauty. During the day, you can go hiking, fishing, biking and do a lot of other exercises. At night, you can sit next to the campfire enjoying some great barbecues and roast marshmallows, chatting, singing and dancing. It’s such a fun and relaxing time with friends and family!

A campfire is an important part of camping, but maintaining a campfire can be challenging and boring. You’ll have to add more logs from time to time to make sure the fire doesn’t die. Thanks to Bob Hansler, who was a former biology teacher and now turned an outdoor enthusiast, here is an awesome trick for you to build a long-lasting campfire. In this tutorial, Bob Hansler shows us a brilliant way to build a self-feeding fire that can burn for over 14 hours. Isn’t that amazing? Try this trick on your next camping trick and I am sure you will earn a lot of compliments from your friends and family! Here’s the video…

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