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Beautiful! 7 Raised Garden Bed Kits

It’s the time of year to start thinking about your garden. Here are seven kits that take most of the work out of the process.

1. Cedar Wedge Garden Bed


Eco Modular Rustic Garden Wedge and Extension Kit

This little wedge is the perfect compliment to put on your deck. Made out of cedar, this wedge design allows for roots to go deep into the soil without taking up too much space.
2. Rustic Elevated Garden Bed


D Rustic Elevated Garden Bed

If you’re looking for something that’s raised up a bit so it’s easier to work with, then this elevated bed is perfect. T

3. Garden Bed With Critter Guard Fence


Cedar Raised Garden with CritterGuard Fence System

This kits provides an extra barrier between your delicious fruits and veggies and those pesky animals.

4. Plastic Garden Beds


Lifetime 4′ x 4′ Raised Garden Bed with 1 Tent

These plastic beds are weather resistant and durable for an affordable price.
5. Complete Raised Garden Bed


Cedar Complete Raised Garden Bed Kit

The Cadillac of garden beds.

6. Rustic Planter Box


Gronomics Rustic Planter Box

A classic design perfect for the patio, entrance way or deck.

7. Wicker Garden Bed

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