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5 Minute Beauty Hack To Give Extra Volume To Your Ponytail

If you have medium to long hair, what is your favorite hairstyle? A hair bun, French braid or waterfall braid? While braided hairstyles are fancy and elegant, ponytail is the easiest and simplest. It is great for occasions when you go for a walk in the park, run errands, do housework and when you are running late for school or work.

Ponytails are easy, but that doesn’t mean they cannot look gorgeous. In this tutorial, Kayley Melissa demonstrates a 5 minute beauty hack To give extra volume to your ponytail and make it look fabulous. It starts with a regular ponytail. After a few easy adjustments, the ponytail will look unique and special with the extra volume. And all this can be done in 5 minutes! It is perfect for those who don’t want to spend much time and efforts on their hairstyles but still want to look impressive. Follow the video and learn how to do it. Enjoy!

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