12 Adorable Newborn Photos You Have to Take!

Awwwweee! I think my heart just melted. This roundup from Diply is the cutest thing you will see all day and I’m so excited to feature it here today. Check out this collection of newborn photos! You have to reproduce them for your own little babe or you’ll forever regret it!

I love the pictures that show how small baby really is. Like when she is being held in her daddy’s hands (#2) or how he is surrounded by over-sized props (#6). I love pictures that include the family dog too. There is something here for everyone! Whatever you do, be sure to capture this precious time in your little ones life.

Now that you have the ideas, you need the tips! No one becomes a great photographer overnight and some of us never will no matter how diligently we practice! Clickin Moms has 10 tips on snapping pics of your babe. Good advice! Here are just a few more tips from It’s Always Autumn. Thanks guys!

12 Adorable Newborn Photos You Have to Take!

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