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Ways To Use Your Hair Dryer Around The House

It’s always good to know the alternative uses for the everyday items in our household. These tips and tricks can come in handy to make your life easier. As for the handy hair dryer, it is not just for drying your hair or blowing your hair into a beautiful hairstyle. It turns out to be much more versatile than you might have expected and very useful around the house.

In the video below, YouTube channel HouseholdHacker demonstrates 8 creative ways to use your hair dryer around the house. For example, you can easily remove the marks left by drinks on wooden furniture by blowing the spot with a hair dryer. Another helpful tip is to use a hair dryer to heat a band-aid to make it less painful to pull off. Other examples include filling up an air mattress, getting rid of spilled candle wax, removing wrinkles on clothes and so on. All of these basic tasks can be achieved easily with a hair dryer. Follow the video and check out 8 ways that a hair dryer can make our life easier. Enjoy!

source: HouseholdHacker

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