DIY Plywood Cat Castle

Kittens love to have their own hiding place as they are playful and curios all the time. So when buying a cat you need to think about ways to keep your pet entertained all the time. Weather you reorganize your entire place for your cat or add some cute games and cat-spaces to your home, it is always a good idea to think of DIY ideas. Take a look at this awesome cat castles, that will let your kitty feel like a royalty. The castle is made out of textile and once you have the pattern it is very easy to cut the whole thing out and assemble it. You can basically, create any type of castle you want, the important thing is for it to have lots of small entrances where your cat can enter and take a look. Inside the castle you can place some shelves, so your cat can climb up and enjoy a nice view.

The fluffier the material is the better your cat will feel as it will have its own cozy place for sleeping and playing. So if you too feel that this is an awesome idea, don’t hesitate to build your cat a cool castle. So, to build a castle like this you’ll need plywood and carpet..

DIY Plywood Cat Castle

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